Frequently asked Questions:

What is a Lector?

A lector is a person who proclaims the Word of God and leads the Prayer of the Faithful.

What does a Lector actually do?

The reader reads from the ambo the readings that precede the Gospel. In the absence of a psalmist, the reader may also proclaim the Responsorial Psalm after the First Reading. In the absence of a Deacon, the reader, after the introduction by the Priest, may announce the intentions of the Universal Prayer from the ambo. If there is no singing at the Entrance or at Communion and the antiphons given in the Missal are not recited by the faithful, the reader may read them at an appropriate time.

Is there training involved?

Yes.  The Diocese of Brooklyn hosts, throughout the year, liturgical ministry days, that you would have to attend.  It is a one day instructional class.  Once you complete the class you will be given a certificate of which you then submit to your pastor.

What should I do if I am interested?

Speak to your pastor.