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Senior Outreach Service
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Our community is made up of a diverse group of individuals; however, some in our community may be "hidden". They are folks who have led productive lives for 60, 70, 80 years or more, yet they find themselves alone. They are our neighbors, fellow parishioners, former teachers, relatives, or friends. And one day they may even be us.

A first year objective of St. Kevin's parish pastoral plan is to reach out to the senior members of our community. Ann Callaghan, Kathleen Hogan and Betty Kilkelly are the facilitators for this objective/mission along with a team of volunteers.

In order for this mission to be successful, we call on you for help in identifying those members of our community who would benefit from a parish outreach program. Initially, the outreach will be in the form of telephone reassurance and friendly visits. Please provide the name, address and telephone number of a senior in need along with your name and telephone number. This form may be left at the rectory or you may drop it in the collection box.

Also, please let us know if you would be interested in volunteering for this mission.
If you have any questions, please call the rectory and one of the outreach volunteers will contact you.

Together we can make our community, our parish and ourselves closer to God by caring for those in need.

Addressing the Needs of the Senior Adult Population

Senior name: _____________________________________________________

Senior address: ___________________________________________________

Senior telephone number: ____________________________________________

Referred by:

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Telephone number:_________________________________________________

I would like to add my name as a volunteer:

Volunteer name: ___________________________________________________

Volunteer address: __________________________________________________

Volunteer telephone number: __________________________________________